Box system - TANDEMBOX antaro

TANDEMBOX antaro has a clearly defined, rectangular design. It can be combined with a gallery or with a design element to produce a closed drawer box. All the components have been color-coordinated, underlining the minimalist design

You also have the option of combining the different opening support systems as you wish. SERVO-DRIVE, the electrical opening support system in combination with BLUMOTION, or TIP-ON BLUMOTION, the mechanical opening support system, combined with BLUMOTION.


Set K - TANDEMBOX antaro Sink cabinet - High fronted pull-out - gallery - C

3,445 THB ฿ 3,445

(Product variants available)


Set F-TANDEMBOX antaro Inner pull-out - Double gallery - D

3,541 THB ฿ 3,541

(Product variants available)


Set D-TANDEMBOX antaro High fronted pull-out - Double gallery - D

2,310 THB ฿ 2,310

(Product variants available)


Set E-TANDEMBOX antaro Inner pull-out - gallery - D

3,209 THB ฿ 3,209

(Product variants available)


Set C-TANDEMBOX antaro High fronted pull-out - gallery - D

1,980 THB ฿ 1,980

(Product variants available)


Set J-TANDEMBOX antaro Inner pull-out - gallery - C

3,195 THB ฿ 3,195

(Product variants available)


Set A-TANDEMBOX antaro Drawer - M

1,618 THB ฿ 1,618

(Product variants available)


Set B-TANDEMBOX antaro Inner drawer - M

2,384 THB ฿ 2,384

(Product variants available)


Set i-TANDEMBOX antaro High fronted pull-out - gallery - C

1,980 THB ฿ 1,980

(Product variants available)

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