Set E-TANDEMBOX antaro



Set E-TANDEMBOX antaro Inner pull-out - gallery - D

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Brand : ฺBlum


  • With simple gallery
  • Design element possible
  • Concealed, guided full extension - unsurpassed running action -
  • for the lifetime of the furniture
  • Cabinet profile nominal length of 500 mm
  • Steel drawer side and stainless steel
  • Dynamic carrying capacity 30, 50 and 65 kg
  • The front piece without groove length of 1,036 mm (Internal cabinet width - 132 mm.)
  • The cross gallery length 1,046 mm (Internal cabinet weight - 122 mm)
  • Tool-free front assembly
  • 3-dimensional front adjustment
  • Includes integrated BLUMOTION For silent and effortless closing action, can be combined with SERVO-DRIVE
  • Either with TIP-ON BLUMOTION for handle-less furniture or even for furniture with handle elements as a design feature
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