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We are a distributor of built-in furniture fittings in the kitchen from high-quality manufacturers. Focus on quality with a long lifetime. Smooth movement Is a product imported from Europe. The production process with the best test. We are confident that our furniture fittings. No problem with using it. And good quality, It makes our customers both interior designers, contractors, or yourself. It will get the best furniture.

However, we are also a distributor of Blum products from Austria. The first and only in Thailand, such as hinge systems, Runner systems, float cabinet equipment, etc.

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DYNAPLAN Cabinet Planner

DYNAPLAN is part of DYNALOG and can be downloaded free of charge.
DYNAPLAN gives you different ways of planning cabinets and selecting the right Blum fittings. All the information you need for assembly and ordering is provided by DYNAPLAN. 

  • Helps you plan and manufacture kitchens
  • Provides all information needed for manufacturing and ordering (cutting dimensions, components list, drawings, etc.)
  • Planned projects can be reused with CAD/CAM interface
  • Saves time needed to process customer orders because parts lists are correct and complete

Remark: Products imported for sale in Thailand, only for certain models and sizes. Special products without stock in Thailand Pre-orders must be 90-100 days.

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