Pocket door รุ่น ALT-ST20-D10 ซอฟโค้ด


SKU : ALT-ST20-D10

อุปกรณ์เก็บหน้าบานซ่อนข้างตู้ รุ่น ALT-ST20-D10 (ทับขอบ 10 มม) รับน้ำหนักบาน 20 กก

แบรนด์ : Lamp by Sugatsune


  • The sliding system allows doors to retract inside cabinet. Doors will not occupy space, providing full access to inside of cabinets.
  • The hanging angle of the door can be easily adjusted. When installing, the
    door can be lifted upward into 5 different angles.
  • Overlay amount is up to 10 mm.
  • After door installation, adding a damper unit allows the doors to close slowly.


  • For best performance, precise mortising is required.
  • Do not cut slides.
  • Do not close doors until they are fully slid out and the catch has activated.
  • Doors are set inside the cabinet's frame.
  • Install a door stopper (not provided) on the door leading edge of the door.
   Pocket door system (Overlay) - ALT-ST20-D10 
แค็ตตาล็อก & โบร์ชัวร์
   Pocket door system (Overlay) - ALT-ST20-D10 

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