Pocket door รุ่น ALT-2V-10 (ทับขอบ)



อุปกรณ์เก็บหน้าบานซ่อนข้างตู้ รุ่น ALT-2V-10 (ทับขอบ)


แบรนด์ : Lamp by Sugatsune


  • Sliding system allows doors to retract inside cabinets. Doors will not occupy space, providing full access to inside of cabinets.
  • The slides hold doors in position when they slide out of cabinets. This prevents doors from sagging.
  • Overlay amount is up to 10 mm.
  • Has easier hinge position adjustment than previous model.


  • For use on wooden doors only.
  • Mount hinge cups into door side, so the movable section will not get dislodged.
  • To get best performance of this product, cabinet requires precise mortise.
  • Never cut the slides.
  • Do not close doors until they slide out and catch has activated.
  • Please prepare a door stopper, in case of use on double doors. Top and bottom boards are inset
   Pocket door system (Overlay) - ALT-2V-10 
แค็ตตาล็อก & โบร์ชัวร์
   Pocket door system (Overlay) - ALT-2V-10 

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