Set J - LEGRABOX free



Set J - LEGRABOX free Inner pull-out - disign element - C (Do not include glass)

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Categories : Box systems LEGRABOX free

Brand : ฺBlum


  • Large side design element
  • Inner pull-out with a high or low design element
  • Slim drawer side 12.8 mm
  • Cabinet profile nominal length of 500 mm
  • Stainless steel drawer side height 177 mm
  • Dynamic carrying capacity 40 and 70 kg
  • Straight interior and exterior
  • Synchronised feather-light glide
  • Tool-free front assembly
  • Three- dimensional front adjustment in the drawer side
  • Includes integrated, switchable BLUMOTION S for silent and effortless closing, and can be combined with TIP-ON BLUMOTION or SERVO-DRIVE
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