No handle needed, just push to open/close. The rotary cam mechanism offers a longer life than the usual spring mechanism.



  • The body is made of metal for high durability.
  • Designed for use on large doors due to its strong push force.
  • The plastic part is flame resistant and compliant with the UL94V-0 standard.
  • The magnet part has an allowance of 1.5° on each side to catch the strike plate correctly
  • This helps the magnet to adjust even if there is a slight misalignment.
  • The screws for the mounting plate are designed to be hidden from view.
  • For overlay doors, please make sure there is correct clearance between
  • the door and side board as shown in the drawings below.

  • The magnetic force may vary. Please comfirm with actual products before use.
  • Please install the body at the height where people are supposed to push.
  • Please use hinges which do not have catch functions.
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