Box system - TANDEMBOX plus

TANDEMBOX plus provides just the right solution for many applications. No matter whether it has a simple round gallery or a closed drawer box, TANDEMBOX plus excels with its sleek design and clear range of colors and parts.

You have the option of combining the different opening support systems as you wish. SERVO-DRIVE, the electrical opening support system in combination with BLUMOTION, or TIP-ON BLUMOTION, the mechanical opening support system, combined with BLUMOTION.
  • The inner dividing system with to use ORGA-LINE



Set A-TANDEMBOX plus Drawer - M

THB 1,376 ฿ 1,376

(More style avaliable)


Set F-TANDEMBOX plus Inner drawer - M

THB 1,933 ฿ 1,933

(More style avaliable)


Set B-TANDEMBOX plus High fronted pull-out - gallery - B

THB 1,544 ฿ 1,544

(More style avaliable)


Set H1-TANDEMBOX plus Inner pull-out - gallery - B

THB 2,117 ฿ 2,117

(More style avaliable)


Set C-TANDEMBOX plus High fronted pull-out - Double gallery - D

THB 1,760 ฿ 1,760

(More style avaliable)


Set H-TANDEMBOX plus Inner pull-out - Double gallery - D

THB 2,577 ฿ 2,577

(More style avaliable)


Set D-TANDEMBOX plus High fronted pull-out - BOXSIDE

THB 2,187 ฿ 2,187

(More style avaliable)


Set G-TANDEMBOX plus Inner pull-out - BOXSIDE

THB 3,004 ฿ 3,004

(More style avaliable)


Set O-TANDEMBOX plus Sink cabinet - High fronted pull-out - BOXSIDE

THB 3,894 ฿ 3,894

(More style avaliable)


THB 542 ฿ 542
THB 111.80 ฿ 111.80 -79%

(More style avaliable)